Grand Pakuwon Regency Surabaya

Grand Pakuwon Regency was developed by PT. Pakuwon Jati which is the largest developer in Surabaya and included in 5 major Developers in Indonesia. The majority of high rise buildings that can be found in Surabaya from East to West is the result of their work. Grand Pakuwon regency tandes is a new innovation where Pakuwion Jati creates a beautiful housing atmosphere in the middle of the margo mulyo industrial area of Surabaya. On average about 200 homes were built and sold in the area

2017 – 2018


Entrance Door & Balcony Door:
• Product: Flush Door
• Material: lapisan plywood dengan rangka kayu nyatoh
• Quantity: 1800 pcs
• Finishing: Polyurethane Duco putih

  • The main problem when dealing with a housing project that is built simultaneously is a limited deadline problem

  • Finishing the main door must be durable outside plus air temperature in Surabaya is quite extreme

  • TSI performs ready stock half-finished door system to be able to pursue targeted dead line

  • TSI uses a special PU finishing product outdoor ex Carpoly paint